OneNote for iPhone, iPad and Mac gets updates, now closer to the full Windows experience

Staff Writer

OneNote for iDevices gets updates, gets closer to Windows experience

Those of you that have switched to (or also use) iPhones, iPads, or Macs, but still love OneNote, will be happy to know that Microsoft has released significant updates for each experience.

Microsoft is taking advantage of iOS 8 (which is required for this feature) to enable inserting file attachments and printouts from the cloud inside the OneNote app. On the iPad to insert, tap ‘insert’ and then choose between ‘File’ or ‘PDF Printout,’ to select. On the iPhone, tap the paperclip Icon in command bar (above the keyboard), then chose your cloud service.

While OneNote on apple devices has been able to unlock your existing password protect sections, you couldn’t create a new password protected section. Now, Microsoft has added this functionality on iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

The iOS version is even getting an upgrade with Touch ID. If your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) supports Touch ID, you will be able to unlock sections using that, But don’t forget your password, as that will be needed to change/remove the password or unlock the section on a different device.

On the iPhone you can also now rearrange the order pages, move them to another section, or create subpages. To do this, go to the desired section, pull down until you see the Edit button, and then tap it. Personally, I rearrange my hastily jotted down notes all the time, so this is a must have for any OneNote app.

Editing pages on an iPhone

Lastly, the Mac is getting some love for business users. While Office 365 business users have been able to open notebooks stored on SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business on their Mac OneNote app, the app did not support SharePoint Server on-premises. Microsoft has added support for those too and ensured users will be able to open SharePoint Server notebooks regardless of where they are stored (with an eligible Office 365 subscription).

OneNote is still clearly a superior experience on Windows, Microsoft has kept in mind that a notebook is only useful if its on all of your devices. The tech giant is guaranteeing that no matter what devices you chose/are forced to use, you will not be wanting to leave OneNote.