OneNote is bringing back the voice recording feature, more

Kip Kniskern

OneNote, Learning Tools

Yesterday, members of the OneNote team took to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything,” or AMA, revealing that they’re working on a consistent, new UI to consolidate the look and feel of the popular note-taking app across all its different versions and platforms.

Along with news about changes to the UI, the AMA revealed a few other tidbits, including this bit about the return of voice recording, a feature available in the Windows 8.1 app that has gone missing with the newer Windows 10 app:

[–]betrion 4 points 


What happened to the voice recording feature? I was using OneNote almost exclusively for that. It was available on 8.1 yet removed on W10.

Are there any plans to “bring it back”?


[–]MSOneNote[S] 6 points 

Yes, we are bringing it back, and making it even better across platforms. Stay tuned!

~Fanguang Kong

Team members also noted that they’re working on improving the tagging system in OneNote, improved inking and a ruler coming to the OneNote desktop/O365 program, section groups and new ink effects including pencil coming to the iPad app, and building an entirely new sync system.

The one note team also revealed that they’ve just moved to a new code base for the Android platform, and will be working their way through top user requests for Android, noting that they just added organization account support on the Android app.