Onefootball gets a major update, now a Windows 10 universal app

Staff Writer

The highly-rated Windows Store app Onefootball gets a major overhaul, upgrading it to Windows 10 Universal app. Onefootball features all the latest football (soccer) news, including live scores, results, highlights and more from the Premier League, Champions League and all international competitions. This app is an easy way to keep track of all the insider news involving your favorite team. In addition to the latest news, this app enables you to explore all you want to know about the football world. Now, football fans truly have a “one”-stop shop for all the latest football news.
Seeing such high-quality apps adopting the new Universal app paradigm as quickly as some are, bodes well for the future of the platform. As we’ve reported, the Windows 10 install base is growing at a tumultuous pace thanks to Microsoft’s free consumer upgrade program. Right now, appears to be the best time for developers such as Onefootball GmbH to take the first-mover’s advantage and get their single app on what will soon be hundreds of millions Windows devices.

Developer: Onefootball GmbH
Price: Free