Leak reveals OneDrive settings app on Windows 11 is getting a new look

Arif Bacchus

wipe your hard drive

According to a tweet and screenshots shared by Windows Insider MVP Florian B, OneDrive’s settings app on Windows 11 is getting a new look. As has been the theme with system apps, the new OneDrive settings app is heavily inspired by Windows 11’s design elements and looks a lot more modern.

Lining up with Windows 11, you’ll find elements like a cleaner sidebar for notifications, mica effects, as well as rounded corners in this new OneDrive settings app. This is apparently an internal version of OneDrive, however, and you can download it if you please (warning, direct download!) That does mean that you’ll run into some issues, though, such as text being misaligned, or not being able to run the app entirely.

As usual, we expect Microsoft to officially test this new OneDrive settings app with Windows Insiders first after it finishes dogfooding it internally with Microsoft employees. Until then, you can take the risk to try it out for yourself via the link we shared above.