Universal Print cloud printing service comes to OneDrive on the web later this week

Brad Stephenson

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Microsoft today announced that Universal Print integration would be coming to the OneDrive web experience later this week.

Universal Print is a service that lets OneDrive web users send files to an internet-connected printer for printing without having to install any additional software or manually connect a printer to whatever device they’re using.

“Before Universal Print, an IT admin or device owner had to install a printer on the device so they could use it to print documents,” Microsoft’s Ankita Kirti explains in a post on the official Microsoft OneDrive blog. “In a large organization where people often have multiple devices and use multiple printers, this experience can range from inconvenient to completely unmanageable.

“Universal Print integration with OneDrive on the web will solve this problem by enabling people to print documents hosted in OneDrive directly to a printer in their organization without needing to install any printers on their devices.”

Once the Universal Print functionality goes live, OneDrive users will be able to print PDF, XPS, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly from the web.