OneDrive to get a better offline functionality; revealed via Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Devesh Beri

In a recent development, Microsoft’s OneDrive has unveiled a new feature, Offline Mode, to enhance user accessibility and productivity. This feature, identified by Feature ID 168618, was officially added to the OneDrive roadmap on September 11, 2023. It is set to change how users interact with their files.

Currently, a similar feature, ‘Files On-Demand,‘ exists, but it is nowhere close to the newly announced functionality. This feature enables users to store a copy of their OneDrive files on their computer, allowing them to access them anytime, even when they don’t have an internet connection.

OneDrive users will be able to access and edit their files directly in their web browser, even without an internet connection. Offline Mode allows users to:
– View
– Sort
– Rename
– Move
– Copy
– Delete

Files marked as “always available offline” and stored locally can be accessed and edited using web browsers even without an active internet connection. Any offline changes will synchronize with OneDrive once an internet connection is restored.

Microsoft has announced a major event on October 3, 2023, unveiling new features for OneDrive. Named “The Future of File Management,” this event is aimed at tech enthusiasts and professionals. It promises to introduce enhanced file management capabilities that will be a game-changer for users.

The rollout of this feature will occur in multiple phases, starting with the Preview phase scheduled for November 2023. The release will enter the Targeted Release phase for entire organizations and select individuals. Finally, it will become generally available to all OneDrive users, with the rollout set to commence in December 2023.

This development promises to significantly enhance the usability of OneDrive, offering users greater flexibility in managing their files, irrespective of their internet connectivity status.