OneDrive shares a Roadmap at Ignite – SharePoint sync, offline files and folders, more

Kip Kniskern

OneDrive is getting some love at Ignite this year, first with the announcement that On-Demand Sync (or placeholders) are coming back to the service, and that’s not all. Offline folders for mobile are on the roadmap for the first half of next year, and a new UX for iOS and Android, an “Office Instant Previewer,” scan for iOS and more are all slated for later this year.

The roadmap was shared at a session at Ignite, with lots of features rolling out now and planned for the next year for both end users and IT pros:

OneDrive Ignite Roadmap

You can check out the full slide deck here:

Business users may be most excited about plans for SharePoint integration, with a new web UX coming, as well as access to SharePoint On-Prem for Android and Windows, a file activity view for Windows, and much more.

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