OneDrive web app to add new photo filters next month

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft is working on a new update for OneDrive on the web that will let users quickly stylize or enhance their photos with image filters. The Redmond giant has announced through the Microsoft 365 Admin center that the feature will begin rolling out to business users by the end of this month.

With this release, OneDrive users will be able to give their photos a new look right from their web browser. “These filters can change the photo’s color and light settings (exposure, contrast, highlights, saturation…), as well as stylize your photos by adding color to shadows, mid-tones and highlights or simply turn a color photo into black and white,” the company explained in the message.

Microsoft notes that the OneDrive web app will initially only provide an option to apply photo filters to JPEG and JPG files, but it will eventually support the PNG file format. However, it remains to be seen if the company also plans to bring this capability to iOS and Android users. Let us know in the comments below if you think that the new video filters support will make the app more useful for you.