OneDrive launches, brings Xbox-like achievements to the cloud


OneDrive launches, brings Xbox-like achievements to the cloud

SkyDrive re-invented itself today, though we knew this was coming. The service has shifted to its new name — OneDrive. Along with the name change comes new functionality and apps. But that is not all you can expect. How about Achievements?

Yes, that’s something Microsoft customers may find familiar. After all, Xbox utilizes this particular awards program. OneDrive is looking for people to cash in on those Achievements by earning more. Yes, it is tied to Xbox (though not entirely), so non-gamers may not be interested.

“But Achievements are the big thing”, the company claims. It then proceeds to list a number of ways that these can be achieved.

Week one winner – Open OneDrive on Xbox One in the first week
Week one wizard – Play 20 photos in a slideshow from your camera roll in the first week  
Hope those aren’t all selfies… – View 10 photos from your camera roll
Long exposure – View 100,000 photos
On a roll – Watch five hours of slideshows
Now you’re thinking with folders – Add a shared folder to OneGuide

Microsoft promises that its new OneDrive will let you take these gaming clips on the go (as well as other pictures and videos). You can even play everything in Slideshow form. Act quickly, as this is a limited time offer.