OneDrive has turned 15 year old and Microsoft is celebrating with a new Home experience

Kevin Okemwa

Today marks the 15th year since Microsoft OneDrive’s inception in Microsoft 365. Specifically designed to act as cloud storage where users could share and synchronize their files. And as they say, the rest is history, the platform has evolved having received an array of features and upgrades with the aim of enhancing its user experience. The most recent one is a photo story feature where users get to share their most treasured moments with friends and family.

To commemorate this milestone, OneDrive is getting a new Home Experience. The new home experience will allow you to seamlessly get back to work and keep you on track with all changes that took place while you were away. “OneDrive will surface your most relevant files and list your most recent files along with any activity updates, so you can see everything at a glance and quickly prioritize where to start working”, Microsoft explains in their Tech Community post.

You will now be able to easily locate important files that you need to get started at work as the Recent View has evolved to OneDrive Home. What’s more, you will have the capability of filtering product launch guides or customer roadmaps by file type using the buttons at the top of the Recent file list by clicking on the Word button to navigate to that launch guide and complete the finishing touches.


An Activity column has also been introduced in OneDrive, which is specifically in place to help users keep track of all interactions made on shared documents thus enhancing better interaction. The column will also feature in the My files view, where users will be able to view all the shares, @mentions, comments, and assigned tasks from collaborators. In turn, this enhances productivity as you will be able to view any edits or comments that call for your attention.

Another notable feature is that users will be able to pin document libraries that they use often to the Quick access section in the left navigation of OneDrive Home in an attempt to enhance both effectiveness and efficiency while working. “OneDrive Home will be available in the coming months. This new landing experience on OneDrive for web will roll out to OneDrive for work and school users,” Microsoft explains.

In other OneDrive related news, a leak revealed that the OneDrive settings app on Windows 11 might be getting an overhaul. Let us know what you think about the new OneDrive home experience in the comment section below.