OneDrive for Business will soon make it easier to find files and access primary commands

Rabia Noureen

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft is getting ready to update the existing command bar in its OneDrive cloud storage service. The Redmond giant has announced via the Microsoft 365 Admin center that the new simplified command bar will be generally available for all OneDrive for Business users later this month.

As of today, the UI of the command bar in OneDrive for Business is a bit cluttered with all the commands available in the same menu. It provides all the file management controls in one place and lets users open, share, copy, download, as well as delete files saved in OneDrive. There is also the ability to get a shareable link or view the version history of a particular file.

This new command bar experience aims to reduce visual clutter providing a simplified view that should make it easier for users to find all the frequently used commands. “With this update users will be able to easily identify the right file and access primary commands. The new simplified view will permit users to focus on the content while at the same time being visually pleasing,” the company explained on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Overall, this new command bar experience in OneDrive for Business should help users boost productivity and reduce distraction. In case you missed it, users can now install the OneDrive web app as a Progressive Web App (PWA), and this capability is supported in both consumer and business versions of the cloud storage service.