OneDrive for Business adds new photo editing features on Android and the web

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft has just released a new update for its OneDrive cloud storage service, with the business version of the app getting the same photo editing experience that was first introduced in personal accounts back in June. The photo editing features are now live in OneDrive for Business on both Android and the web.

The new editing tools allow OneDrive users to crop their photos using built-in presets, and they can also adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows, highlights, saturation, tint, and warmth in the images. However, the photo editing features only works with JPEG or PNG files.

To try out these new photo editing features on the web, you’ll need to click the dedicated “Edit” icon available in the top left corner of the app. You can then crop the image to standard sizes, and you can also click the “Adjustments” tab to change the color and light settings of the photo. On mobile, the Edit icon will appear at the bottom of the app when you open an image in OneDrive for Android.

For now, OneDrive on the web only provides options to crop images or adjusting lighting or color, but support for photo filters is expected to arrive later this month. Microsoft also plans to bring these photo editing features to iOS later this year.