First-generation Microsoft Band now only $79.00 at the Microsoft Store

Mark Coppock

If you want a nice fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid, and don’t need the latest and greatest, then the Microsoft Store might have just the deal for you. They’ve put the original Microsoft Band up for a mere $79.00, down from its original price of $199.99.

The original Microsoft Band is till a nifty device, and at $79 is a real steal.

What do you get along with your savings of $120.99? Well, here’s a refresher on the first iteration of the Microsoft Band:

  • Continuous heart rate monitor
  • Tracking for running, biking, golfing, and more
  • 10 sensors, including GPS, and UV monitor
  • Capacitive 1.4″ TFT display (320 x 106)
  • Works with Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone.

You could put down a cool $249.99 on the Band 2, and get some additional features including a larger screen, a more comfortable fit, an extra sensor (barometer) for more accurate activity tracking, and an all-around improved design. But, the original Band was a pretty nice device as well, and at $79 makes a nifty stocking-stuffer for the less fussy.
Go check it out, and pull the trigger if you’re happy with what the original Band had to offer. It’s likely that inventory will run out eventually, and so there’s no telling how long it will last at these dirt-scraping prices.