Official Facebook app for Windows 8.1 receives another minor update


official Facebook app for Windows 8.1

It was a long time coming but Microsoft finally rolled out the official Facebook app for Windows 8.1 alongside the release of the Windows 8.1 update on October 17th. Facebook rolled out the very first update to the app a few days ago and has now apparently rolled out yet another update. Microsoft has yet to offer details on what exactly is new in this update.

“Keeping up with your friends is easier and more convenient than ever with the official Facebook app,” the app description reads. So far, the app already has over two thousand reviews and most of them are four to five stars. This app is one of many high profile apps that the platform has been itching for.

Details about this app update are currently unknown, as Microsoft or Facebook have not yet revealed what is new or what has been improved. It is safe to imagine that a few bugs have been squashed. 

Hit the download link below to snag the updated app or update the app via the Windows Store. Let us know if you notice any new features or performance improvements.