Office Online extension for Edge brings Office to your address bar

Zac Bowden

A new extension for Microsoft Edge has shown up on the Windows Store, which essentially gives users quick access to the Office Online suite of applications found on or via the OneDrive website. The extension, first spotted by @h0x0d on Twitter, is rather fittingly called “Office Online”.

The extension itself doesn’t appear to be finished, with a rough UI that makes using the extension a little clunky. Still, basic functionality works, allowing you to open and create new Office documents directly from your browsers address bar. Pretty cool if you’re a frequent Office Online user.

You can grab the extension from the link below, if it hasn’t been pulled by Microsoft that is. Downloading the extension from the store will place an app in the Apps List, although that doesn’t appear to do anything. Once installed, just launch Edge and go to your extensions area to make sure the extension has been enabled. We’ve uploaded some screenshots for viewing below.

Outlook Groups
Outlook Groups
Price: Free

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