Office Mobile apps officially released alongside Windows 10

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Image Credit: WinBeta

Just as Windows 10 officially drops, Microsoft today announces the official availability of more flagship software: Office Mobile apps for Windows 10. The apps have been available in preview form to Windows 10 Insiders up to now. If you’ve been waiting for them and you’re running Windows 10, the apps are ready to download in the Windows Store right now.

These apps have been built from the ground up to run on a touchscreen. With touchscreens in mind, buttons are larger; documents will adapt to screen size and the onscreen keyboard works as you would expect. While the apps don’t have every feature of the desktop versions, they’re perfectly adequate if you’re on the go or a light productivity user. Office mobile apps were made available for iOS last year, and Android (in beta form) way back in January. The Windows version offer similar functionality to the ones offered on the other two platforms.

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Now that the Office Mobile apps are available for Windows 10, Microsoft has preempted questions about other Office suites and announced previously that Office 2016. Users who are looking for the more traditional desktop experience, Office 2016 will be available in September. Office Mobile for Windows phones will be released a little later in the Fall when Windows 10 Mobile becomes available.

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Previously reported as codename Gemini, these Office Mobile apps have taken quite some time to be released. Their official release today along with Windows 10 will hopefully increase the demand for Windows tablets and offer Microsoft a better foothold in the mobile world.