Office Mix Customer Preview coming soon, and you can sign up for it


Office Mix Customer Preview coming soon, and you can sign up for it

Microsoft is looking to revolutionize the classroom experience with a new service called Office Mix. Office Mix sounds like an excellent tool for schools, allowing instructors to distribute presentations to all their students via the web. Instructors can check student progress online and see who actually watched the presentation. The service isn’t live yet, but it appears that Microsoft is gearing up to launch this service as a “Customer Preview.” 

“MIX allows you to turn your PowerPoints into interactive online lessons or presentations. We install an add-in that gives you the ability to record audio, video, and handwriting, and insert interactive elements like quizzes and CK12 exercises. There’s even a screen capture tool so you can record anything on your PC,” the description reads. 

You can sign up for the preview by heading over to the VIA link below and selecting the link that asks “Don’t have an access code.” Office Mix works with PowerPoint 2013, so if you do not have it, Microsoft will offer you a 180 day trial version as part of the preview process. Simply enter your email in the nomination survey in order to be entered in the selection process for the preview. Let us know if you get accepted!

Once you are accepted, you will be given a download link to an add-in for PowerPoint. This allows you to turn your presentations into interactive online lessons. “We call this a mix. Everything you need to create and share your mix is included. Record audio and video of yourself giving your presentation. You can even write on your slides like a whiteboard. Then, insert quizzes, practice exercises, and more – all from within PowerPoint.It’s like a screencast, but better. When you’re done, click Upload and share your lesson,” Microsoft explains.

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