Office Lens for Windows Phone can now convert images into PDF files


Office Lens for Windows Phone can now convert images into PDF files

Office Lens, for those that did not know, is a free app that essentially transforms your Windows Phone handset into a scanner complete with OCR (optical character recognition) so text and handwriting can be converted into an editable form. The app features integration with OneNote, allowing you to sync captured notes across all your devices.

Microsoft has rolled out an update to Office Lens for Windows Phone, bumping the version number to 1.4.3727.0. In this update, you can now convert pictures of paper documents into PDF files. PDF conversion by Office Lens includes OCR (optical character recognition), so you can extract text information from pictures.

“Use your Windows Phone to take a picture of your hardcopy document and tap Save. Then, select the PDF option.  A PDF file is automatically saved to your OneDrive, so you can access it on any device, just like with Word and PowerPoint documents created with Office Lens,” Microsoft explains.

Office Lens allows you to convert pictures to PDF, Word and PowerPoint at the same time. On top of that, built using machine learning technology, Office Lens features an auto-classifier that analyzes what you’ve captured and automatically switches to the best mode. Grab the app via the download link below and give it a try.