Office 365 helps you get organized with Clutter

Dave W. Shanahan

Office 365 helps you get organized with Clutter

Office 365 has a great number of useful features to choose from to get your work done as efficiently as possible. Clutter is a feature within Office 365 that learns from your email behavior to figure out what messages you are likely to ignore and move them to the Clutter folder. This way, Clutter lets you concentrate on your important messages so you focus on the messages that really matter.

Clutter is not automatically enabled in your inbox, you have to choose whether to turn Clutter on or off. To turn Clutter on or off, you need to enable it via the Outlook Web App (OWA) options menu. Clutter begins to learn your work style and what messages are most important to you. Clutter works with your existing email rules, so it won’t interfere with email rules you already have in place. If you decide that Clutter isn’t a feature you want to use, you can turn it off at anytime. 

Each person’s experience with Clutter is individualized and adapts to your own email actions and preferences without you having to change anything. The information that Clutter learns from each email user’s actions and preferences is not shared with anyone else; Clutter uses the information to create a better and more stream-lined email experience. Clutter was recently improved based on user feedback, allowing administrators to assign retention policy tags to the Clutter folder, and allowing specific messages to bypass the Clutter filters.

Here is a short video explaining how Clutter can help you simplify your email experience:

For help on using new Clutter features; like personalizing your Clutter notifications and setting retention policies for Clutter folders, follow the link below for more information on the Office Blog.