Office 365 helps pharmaceutical company grow 30% a year

Vu Anh Nguyen

office 365

The best kind of publicity is from happy customers; in Microsoft’s case, it’s users of the company’s various products, most notable of which are commercial software suites. One of these users, Indian pharmaceutical company Finecure, has taken to Microsoft’s website to elaborate on how cloud productivity solution Office 365 from Redmond has contributed to the firm’s growth.

“Finecure’s quest for excellence is rooted in leveraging technology.   We took a decision to go with Microsoft cloud services a few years back and it is helping us grow fast while staying compliant”,

Vikash Rajgharia, Director, Finecure Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Finecure Pharmaceutical.

There are a few key business processes for a pharmaceutical company, including IP protection, medicines manufacturing, distribution and influencer relationship management. According to Finecure’s director Vikash Rajgharia, Office 365 and its capabilities has enabled great improvement in all these areas: digital rights management and encryption technologies help secure IP; PowerBI and analytics provide better data and deeper insights for marketing staffs to connect with influencers. These data also helps Finecure increase efficiency of operation and reduce time to market. Skype for Business is working wonders in assisting collaboration among scientists, technicians and management, as is document sharing and co-authoring.

The strong workflow created by embracing fully the capabilities of Office 365 has helped Finecure maintain several standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and ultimately achieve 30% year-over-year growth in revenues in the last three years. The post also mentions one of Finecure’s partners, Bitscape, who is also one of the thousands Microsoft partners helping with Office deployment around the country.

“We are pleased to see Finecure is leveraging the power of Office 365 to make a difference to the lives of individuals.  With enterprise-grade security, streamlined workflows and a familiar user interface, Office 365 is the ideal choice for industries that are regulated, require protection of intellectual property and need collaboration amongst diverse workforce”,

Alok Lall, Director, Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft India.

This story, and others, help paint a clear picture of how Microsoft has been able to transition smoothly from traditional Office model to Office 365 while retaining its leader position in the productivity suite market: by leveraging the capabilities of the cloud for data and collaboration, and bringing visible value to customers. Office 365 is continually growing to become even better, and stories like these will surely come more in the future.