Office 15 welcome video leaks onto the web, explains how cloud syncing works

Zac Bowden

A new video from the Technical Preview of Microsoft Office 15 has leaked onto the web today. The video explains how you can use your Windows LIVE ID to sync files across your PC’s. The video is only 30 seconds long and is treated as an introductory video.

This video could be fake, so watch with a grain of salt.

This video is played on the first run of Office 15 after completing installation. As the video description notes, the video has been pulled from beta software and may not be included in the final version.

The video explains how logging in with a Windows LIVE ID can help sync your files across your computers with the cloud. Since Office 15 is heavily integrated with the cloud, it will be personalized with the login you use.

Microsoft is heading into the cloud world, since Windows Phone and Windows 8 are already heavily integrated, it is only a matter of time before Office would receive cloud treatment too.