October Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update is reportedly causing more harm than good for some

Arif Bacchus

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Just yesterday, Microsoft pushed out a Patch Tuesday Update for Windows 10. These updates are usually meant to increase the stability of Windows 10 and fix security-related issues, but turns out that the update is reportedly causing more harm than good for some users (via Neowin.)

Several Windows 10 users on the Microsoft Answers Forum are saying that after they’ve installed the latest October cumulative update, their machines will BSOD on a restart. Users on Reddit also have complained saying that the update brings disk usage up to 100%, or that the update is getting stuck. We have yet to experience the issue on any of our machines and Microsoft has not officially responded to any posts on the Microsoft Answers Forum. The issue might be limited to a small set of users, so the company may as well be working to diagnose these issues before issuing an official response first.

Another Redditor said that the update broke 30 of their machines, and is providing a workaround. This solution is very technical, so we would instead recommend pausing updates, or creating a restore point or system image to fall back on in the event the update creates issues on your machine. Other possible workarounds include downloading the Windows Update troubleshooter to diagnose issues with the update.