NVIDIA pushes out a hotfix driver update for Windows 10

Kareem Anderson

When Microsoft first issued Windows 10 on July 29th, some of the first comments that rolled out of the gate about the new operating system pertained to issues between Windows 10 and NVIDIA drivers. Fortunately, Microsoft and NVIDIA worked together to push out a timely update to its GeForce drivers. Since the Windows 10 release and subsequent driver update, NVIDIA has continued to push out GeForce driver updates to users.
Today, NVIDIA released an additional GeForce update addressing further Windows 10 related issues. Windows 10 users with NVIDIA drivers should be on the lookout for a GeForce 355.80 Hotfix.
According to an NVIDIA press release caught by TechPowerUp, the newly released hotfix is intended to address critical issues with SLI configurations.

Users of SLI configurations (and dual-GPU graphics cards such as the GTX 690) report excessive virtual memory consumption on Windows 10. This driver addresses the issue, and future WHQL-signed releases will incorporate the fix. This is one of the many graphics memory management issues Windows 10 users are experiencing across GPU brands, which both NVIDIA and AMD are hopefully working to address.

Users are encouraged to apply the new updates as soon as possible if their systems have been affected. Otherwise, you can wait for the driver to get WHQL-certified and be pushed out via GeForce Experience. This should happen soon.
DOWNLOAD: GeForce 355.80 Hotfix for: