Nvidia drivers for Windows 10 adds Far Cry Primal support and more

Michael Cottuli

far cry primal

Each time a new AAA game comes to market for the PC, the gaming-minded folks at NVIDIA are always on point when releasing the “Game Ready” driver supporting it. These new drivers come out every once in a while to make sure that a player’s graphics card is tuned correctly for the game they’re set to play, as soon as it unlocks on release day. The most recent Game Ready driver is primarily aimed for the PC release of Far Cry: Primal and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – two titles that PC players are going to want to look as pristine as possible when they boot up.

The new Game Ready driver is available right now through the GeForce experience. For those who don’t have the GeForce experience yet, get it from NVIDIA here, keep in mind, it’s how NVIDIA updates drivers and helps you optimize games automatically. Far Cry: Primal, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Dying Light: The Following are all going to be ready to go with the drivers installed. For those concerned about possible Windows 10 issues, Game Ready drivers are made with Windows 10 in mind, so ideally you shouldn’t have to mess around with any of the problems that Windows 10 users sometimes have to deal with when trying to run games.

If you’re a gamer with an NVIDIA graphics card who runs Windows 10, keep an eye out on the GeForce experience as time goes on. Picking up the latest drivers as they come out can save Windows 10 users a whole bunch of hassle, as sometimes games don’t quite cooperate with the operating system all that well on their own.