Nvidia brings new Game Ready GeForce 358.50 WHQL driver to Star Wars Battlefront beta players

Kareem Anderson

One of the fall’s most anticipated games is almost upon us. During this year’s E3 gaming convention, Star Was Battlefront was among the most talked about games for this console generation. Playing on the nostalgic feelings millions of science fiction fans have for the Star Wars franchise and mashing it up with the ever-popular first-person shooter genre was a recipe for success for video game studio EA.
As the developers look to polish the game for its official release, a beta is scheduled to go live for eager fans. For beta players on PC setups, Nvidia recently released the GeForce 358.50 WHQL Game Ready driver to make sure their experience with the Star Wars Battlefront beta was top notch.
The Star Wars Battlefront beta is expected to be a four-day affair of 20 on 20 massive open battlefront first person endeavors. Gameplay is likely to include dogfights between X-wing and TIE fighters and speeder bike chases on the tundra of Hoth.
As for the specifics of the driver update:

This new GeForce Game Ready driver ensures you’ll have the best possible gaming experience in the Star Wars: Battlefront Open Beta. This driver also brings support for the latest OpenGL ARB extensions as well as OpenGL ES 3.2. Also, this Game Ready driver also includes updated features and functionality for the GameWorks VR software development kit (SDK). “

For more information, you can visit the Geforce site to see if your setup is ready for the tomorrow’s open Star Wars Battlefront beta.
Download: Windows 10 version of the driver here.
Download:  Other OS versions of the driver here.