Have a favorite Microsoft Store app? Microsoft wants you to nominate it

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Store

Microsoft needs your help! If you’re using a specific non-Microsoft app from the Microsoft Store a lot and really enjoy it, the company wants you to nominate it so the app developer can be better recognized (via Neowin.)

All you’ll have to do is fill out an online form. The app could be from a huge brand or a small developer, but there are some other requirements that have to be met. First off, it must be publically listed in the Microsoft Store on Windows by the end of March. It also must work on Windows 11, and not just Windows 10. Finally, the app must have a 3.5 star or higher rating, with at least 50 ratings total. Microsoft also wants the app to have been published or reviewed with significant meaningful updates over the past 12 months.

For now, this is just a sign-up form of sorts. It’s not intended to be used for voting. Nominations will also close on March 31 at midnight pacific time, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. The form is relatively simple and involves listing the app name, the URL, the reason you’re nominating it, and a list of outstanding qualities.

One of our favorite apps is TextGrab from the developer Joe Finney, who we recently spoke with on our podcast. If you have any other favorite apps, be sure to nominate. And, don’t hesitate in discussing this in the comments below.