Nokia’s ‘Transfer my Data’ app lets you transfer text messages, contacts and more


If you recently got a new Windows Phone or you know someone who just got it and you’re wondering how you can transfer contacts and other data, you’re in good hands. Nokia have released a utility app called ‘Transfer my Data’ a while back, allowing you to transfer data such as contacts and photos via Bluetooth technology.

With yesterday’s update, version, Nokia has expanded what new Windows Phone users can now transfer. They have included support for more phones to transfer text messages, support for transferring DRM-free music from several phones, and improved the app with several bug fixes.

Thanks to the Bluetooth MAP profile (Message Access Profile), users can transfer text messages from any phone that has Bluetooth, such as Symbian, Series 40, Android, iOS and Blackberry. The Bluetooth Access Profile is what allows users to view text messages on different screens, such as cars or televisions. Keep in mind, if you’re transferring from iOS, you’re going to need iOS 6+. If you are transferring from Android, only recent Android phones will be supported since the old phones don’t have this feature.

Some users will be upset here, but copying DRM-free music will only work on Nokia devices, specifically certain Symbian and S40 phones. Android and iOS users won’t have the pleasure of using this feature, you’ll just have to do it a different route via PC.

But if you’re asking why, well Nokia relies on the software on both phones. Since a Symbian phone is by Nokia, they can tweak the code a bit and allow seamless transferring between phones, but with iOS and Android, Nokia can’t, unless they get approval from Apple and Google.

So there you have it guys. The new update welcomes a wider support for text message transferring for most phones and a new feature to transfer DRM-free music from supported-only Nokia phones. If you have a friend or a relative who is switching over to Windows Phone, then this is the perfect app to suggest first, and if you never heard of this app and want to transfer your data from your old phone that is lying around, we have included the download link for you below.