Nokia no longer allowing access to servers to peek at firmware versions, Navifirm affected



Nokia, known in the Microsoft community for its Windows Phone powered Lumia handsets, is no longer allowing access to its server to peek at firmware versions. A new report is stating that the popular Windows Phone enthusiast software Navifirm can no longer access Nokia servers to display stored firmware.

Nokia mentioned back in January of this year that they would be restricting access by the end of that month. However, it seems that Nokia has just now decided to pull the plug on public peeping, causing an error box to come up when Navifirm attempts to view stored firmware.

For those wondering what the big deal is, Navifirm is used to snag firmware versions to flash bricked phones as well as speed up the update process with new firmware versions. For those who own a Windows phone, you will not have to rely on the over-the-air update system for new firmware, rather than forcing it yourself the moment it is discovered.

Be mindful when flashing or updating your Lumia handsets, since this means of fixing a problem via Navifirm is no longer available. However, we do expect someone to come up with some sort of solution in no time.