No new Windows Phone flagship until the second half of 2015?

Sean Cameron

Nokia Lumia 930

It is no secret that 2014 hasn’t been the busiest year for Windows Phone, at least with regards to flagship devices. Mostly a consequence of the reshuffle of employees that took place within Microsoft following their acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division earlier in the year, only one true flagship was released, the Lumia 930.

If new rumors prove to be true, users may have to wait a lot longer yet before seeing a true 900 or 1000 series successor emerge. Apparently Microsoft will opt to focus on budget devices, showing off a successor to the 625 and the new 430 at MWC in March. This leaves rather a large gap, in which potentially nothing will emerge that will really make headlines.

It is arguable that what Windows Phone really needs to give the platform a shot in the arm is a truly compelling flagship. Whether one will be released by September 2015 is anyone’s guess. It can be speculated that Redmond may be waiting to unleash new high-end hardware only on the release of Windows 10, the one thing that is sure is that Microsoft are playing the long game.

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