No new Windows Insider builds today, no matter what the Xbox guys said yesterday!

Kip Kniskern

Dona Sarkar with Windows Insiders

Yesterday, the folks at Xbox began promoting some new features coming to Windows 10, including Beam and Windows 10 Game Mode, as “coming tomorrow” in a headline on, and retweeted by a number of Xbox types, including Matt Salsamendi, the founder of Beam and now working on the Xbox team, and Larry Hryb himself.

Only they apparently weren’t quite in lockstep with Dona Sarkar and the Windows Insider team, who typically are quite coy about when builds will be released (at least until we get the familiar sekrit build number hidden in a Dona Sarkar tweeted image!). Major Nelson tweeted out a correction two hours later:

And indeed, today Dona Sarkar herself posted a “no new builds today” early morning tweet, something that’s also becoming quite the tradition:

With the success of the Windows Insider program, Xbox has taken note and has just announced a new, similar Xbox Insider version, although with some important distinctions, including the naming conventions for the Rings, and an Xbox-only process to be invited into the upper rings, reserved only for those who actively participate in quests, feedback, and achievements in Xbox.

The folks at Xbox, while they did back off from their promise of a new Windows 10 Insider build “today,” are now saying “this week,” which only gives us Friday (meaning any showstopping bugs means working over the weekend), or Saturday (which means working over the weekend no matter what!), so we’ll see if Dona and company are up to the challenge.

Should Xbox be more in lockstep with the Windows Insider program?