No new Windows 10 Insider builds until Wednesday at the earliest

Arif Bacchus

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It is already the start of the second week of 2018, but Windows Insiders might still have to wait a little bit longer for a new build. Indeed, head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar has just revealed there won’t be any new Windows 10 Insider builds until Wednesday at the earliest.

Last week the head Ninja Cat also teased new builds, but the team didn’t deliver due to the need to check on all the bug reports Windows Insiders sent in over the holidays. Since Microsoft twice added a set of known issues (first three, and then six) it’s clear the company is working hard to address the concerns of Windows Insiders.

By our calculations, recent patterns have shown that Microsoft usually goes for a Wednesday or Thursday build release, so it’s best to keep those fingers crossed for a new build soon. In the meantime, keep hunting for those bugs and upload your reports to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub!