No more updates on the way for SofaScore Windows Phone app

Kit McDonald

Apps seem to be dropping like flies from Microsoft’s attempt in the mobile market. The Windows Phone hasn’t been doing too well for quite a while now, despite the advances in device technology exclusive to the brand. But as many developers have noticed, a majority of consumers are more interested in Android or iOS when it comes to their smartphones. As a result, more and more devs have decided to cease support for their current applications, leaving Windows Phone users to speculate about the platform’s inevitable decline.

After a brief feedback email sent to the developers, a Reddit user named kotdorov was surprised to learn that SofaScore would no longer be supporting the app on Windows Phone.

SofaScore Windows Mobile

For those that might not know, the app appeals to sports fans with live scores, statistics, and player analysis for over seventeen different sports. Basically, it’s one of the best ways for people on the go to keep up with their favorite teams. The popular app has an impressive review score, boasting around 4.7 with over 6,000 downloads.

According to comments, the Windows 10 Mobile app for SofaScore was just updated a couple of days ago and this email isn’t anything new. “I got that email months ago too,” one comment read, holding hopes that the platform would draw them back. “Even if they work only on bug fixes,” another explained, happy with the features already implemented.

This seems to be the common theme for Windows Phone users, as of late. Many have taken to mourning the loss of their favorite apps on the platform but continue to use them until it’s just simply impossible anymore. Do you have a favorite app that has lost support lately? Let us know what you think about the platform in the comments below or tweet us @OnMSFT.