Ninja Watch: Mixer streamer scores Adidas deal, gets 2 million followers, and streams some Minecraft

Brad Stephenson

Mixer streamer Ninja on Adidas ad

August has been a pretty wild month for Ninja. At the beginning of the month, the mega-popular video game streamer made the jump from Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer platform and quickly garnered over one million followers. Soon afterwards, Ninja then launched his very own book about gaming and life which is now widely available in all major online and offline bookstores.

Now, not even a full month later, Ninja has reached two million followers on Mixer which he announced on his Twitter account earlier today.

Also this week, Ninja scored a pretty major deal with Adidas, making him the first video game streamer to sign such a partnership. In addition to promoting the Adidas brand, a range of Ninja-themed Adidas sportswear has also been released.

Ninja promoted his collaboration with Adidas via a new commercial and by guest starring in an episode of Adidas’ online running interview series. You can watch both below.

In other Ninja news, the streamer began streaming the Microsoft-owned Minecraft video game on Mixer for the first time this week. This didn’t appear to be a paid promotion by Microsoft however as Ninja simply seemed to be wanting a break from playing Fortnite which had been frustrating him after some changes were made to it in a recent update.

Minecraft is also a popular game to stream on Twitch and Mixer and frequently lands at the top of the most-viewed video games on both platforms. This isn’t to say Microsoft won’t be using Ninja to promote games in the future though. It’s almost a guarantee that he’ll be part of Microsoft’s promotional strategy for the next Halo video game and Xbox console launch.

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