New Yammer experience is now available in public preview

Staff Writer

Yammer public preview

The latest update to Microsoft 365 is available starting today with the release of the new Yammer experience in public preview. The new Yammer experience was designed to improve employee engagement throughout Microsoft 365 and make leadership engagement, corporate communications, and knowledge sharing more impactful.

To get started, users of Yammer can add the new public review through the Yammer admin portal and simply enable the preview toggle in the suite header and choose the default experience they would like for their team.

Yammer experience toggle

In the new public preview, the new Yammer app experience includes a range of new capabilities and updates designed to improve the user experience with an emphasis on team building and communication.

Build communities with Microsoft 365

  • Groups are now called communities
  • Pin your favorite communities to the navigation for quick access.
  • Add cover photos to your communities

Reach your audience across the organization

  • Customize the “All Company” community cover photo and avatar
  • Add branding to Yammer with your company logo on the Feed

Communication tools and improved visibility

  • Set questions, polls, and praise as announcements including new designs to improve visibility
  • Keep employees up to date with conversations that show up across Microsoft 365
  • Pin important posts to the top of your communities
  • Respond directly from Outlook on the web
  • Close conversations that have come to a conclusion
  • New editor experience provides new sharing options

Improved live events and video experience

  • Find and watch past, current, and upcoming live events on the Events page in your community
  • Run live events using a webcam and screen sharing
  • Host live events in the All Company community
  • Capture, edit, and share video easily

Other ways to use Yammer

In addition to the new Yammer app experience in Microsoft 365, users can use the updated experience on their mobile devices, and through Microsoft’s recently updated Yammer app for Teams and future integrations into the Outlook desktop and mobile app.

Is your team using Yammer? Let us know if you update to the new public preview and share your thoughts about the new experience.