Microsoft’s new Xbox One dashboard has 2 confusing bugs

Brad Stephenson

New Xbox One Logo

Microsoft pushed out an update to their Xbox One family of consoles today and, in addition to a redesign of the UI and several features, this update also unfortunately brought with it a few bugs that many users would have noticed within an hour or so of using the new dashboard. Here are two that have been found so far.

Friends who aren’t friends: This is a rather bizarre bug that’s affecting the new Friends list which is now hidden within several layers of windows in the pop-up Guide. While no Xbox Live friends appear to have been removed from users’ Friends lists, numerous users are showing the “Add friend” option (which should only appear if they haven’t been added to a Friends list yet) when their name is clicked on and their details are expanded. This appears to be completely random and is affecting a sporadic selection of both offline and online friends.

Unfollowed game hubs: After the installation of this latest update, the Xbox One appears to have unfollowed all of the Game hubs that were followed by users previously. What’s strange is that Game hub content for all previously followed games is still showing in the Community activity feed but the hub pages appear as though they aren’t being followed at all by showing the “Show in my feed” option.

Microsoft will likely fix these bugs in a future update however it is still a shame that such prominent problems weren’t spotted before this update was pushed out to the general public. Have you noticed any bugs or glitches with the new Xbox One dashboard? Let us know in the comments below.