New Xbox Insider and Report a problem apps are now available on Xbox Series X and Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Insider

The new Xbox Insider and Report a problem apps are now available for all users after being extensively tested by Xbox Insiders over the past several months. Both apps can be used on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X generations of Xbox consoles.

The Report a problem app, as its name implies, can be used to report problems to Microsoft directly from an Xbox console while the new Xbox Insider app features a fresh layout that removes vertical scrolling and adds new weekly surveys that allow everyone to provide feedback on certain issues regardless of what specific groups they’re enrolled in.

Here’s the official list of changes to the Xbox Insider app:

  • No more horizontal scrolling
  • Game playtests and system updates are available in the “Previews” area
  • Quests and Surveys are available in the “Activities” area
  • Weekly Pulse surveys give you a chance to provide regular feedback, even if you’re not part of other previews

And here’s the changes that have been made to the Report a problem app after its testing phase:

  • Your last played game or app bubbles to the top for faster selection
  • Better performance for Insiders with large game libraries
  • Categories and subcategories load faster through a modal dialog

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