New Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones scheduled for this Friday

Kareem Anderson

New Windows Technical Preview for Phone schedule for this Friday

Gabe Aul did something today that he said he wouldn’t. He finally gave a straight answers on when users of Windows Phone can expect to receive a build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. Technically, he said he would never publicly commit to a date for builds, but it seems to amount to same thing.

On the podcast Windows Weekly, Gabe joined Windows journalist Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott and spoke to the difficulties of building Windows Technical preview for phones among other things. In doing so, he was finally cornered by Mary Jo and asked point blank, “when are we going to get a build for Windows Phone?” Gabe replied with, “10:00am this Friday.”

Gabe goes on to clarify that the new list of supported devices is still on track to receive the new build this Friday, with the exception of the Icon and the Lumia 930. There were over 5100 images that needed to be flashed in order for the Windows team get the build developed for Windows Phone, and all that flashing will be ready for the Friday am release.

Gabe also hinted, “you’ll see a bunch of new stuff in this build.”

The wait is almost over folks!