New Windows 11 Insider builds for Canary (25941), Beta (226xx.2265), and Dev Channels (23536) all at once, woohoo!

Kip Kniskern

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We kinda thought this might happen, since there were no new Windows 11 Insider builds released yesterday, and sure enough, Microsoft has released new builds for all three Windows 11 Insider channels. None of the channels are introducing new features, but there are a number of changes and fixes to go through, let’s take a look:

Canary Channel build 25941

This latest Canary Channel build gets some changes to Settings > System > Advanced Display, with dynamic refresh rate now enabled via a toggle. In addition, there are some new indications as to why you might not be able to set a high refresh rate. An asterisk previously has been added to show that display resolutions may need changing in order to use specific refresh rates, and while they’re not new, Microsoft is pointing them out. The Cast flyout also has a link to additional support if you need it.

A graph at the top of the Power & Battery settings page has been moved further down the page, and there are no longer separate Power and Battery sections in the page.

There are some fixes for known issues as well:

  • Fixed issues impacting the File Explorer context menu and command bar dropdowns, causing them to become transparent, and not work with touch.
  • Fixed issues impacting File Explorer launch reliability.
  • Fixed issues causing the Japanese and Chinese IMEs to not work properly in certain apps, and to not work correctly in the File Explorer search box.
  • Fixed an issue causing Settings to crash when looking at detailed battery usage.
  • The new options for tuning intensity and color boost of Color Filters now have labels.

Beta Channel builds 22621.2265 and 22631.2265

22631.2265, the “new features rolling out” build brings richer, more colorful emoji with the update to the COLRv1 color format. All Beta Channel insiders should now have the new Settings home page, and there have been a number of fixes in 22631.2265, be sure to check out the blog post for all the details.

Dev Channel build 23536

Dev Channel build 23536 includes a number of fixes; for a backwards Windows Copilot icon, an explorer.exe crash, some doubling up of text in live captions, some performance improvements on the new Settings home page, and more. Be sure to check out the Windows Insider blog post for the details.