New Windows 10 features to be announced at Build will have you freaking out

Dave W. Shanahan


Microsoft has some big features coming to the Windows 10 Redstone development branch that will be announced at Build 2016, according to reports. Several leaks about upcoming Redstone features have surfaced, but no detailed plans for what Redstone has in store have been revealed.

On Twitter,  a couple of Microsoft’s program managers, Rich Turner and Scott Hanselman, have made comments alluding to some Windows 10 Redstone features that will cause Windows Insiders to “freak out.”

Rich Turner is a Senior Program Manager on Microsoft’s Windows team and works on command line tools, and Scott Hanselman is the Principal Program Manager and Community Architect on the Azure Application Platform and Tools team, so the “freak out” features might be developer-related.

Unfortunately, neither Turner, nor Hanselman have revealed what specific Redstone features they are referring to in their tweets. The only Windows 10 Redstone features that we know of are improvements to Cortana and Edge Browser Extensions that should be released sometime later this year.

The good news is that it looks like Microsoft will likely release the details of the Windows 10 “freak out” features at Build 2016. Microsoft has been slow to release any new major features on Windows 10 Redstone builds, instead focusing on UI improvements and bug fixes.

Stay tuned to WinBeta and we’ll let you know what Windows 10 Redstone features are worth freaking out about.