New video showcases Minecraft with NVIDIA RTX graphics

Jonny Caldwell

Minecraft is getting a new rendering engine and Ray Traycing support on Windows 10

Nvidia has released a new video on ray tracing in Minecraft, an enhanced graphics capability that will bring realistic lighting effects and reflections to the game next year. The video shows off some of the builds that Minecrafters were able to come up with in only two days to highlight just how crazy the new graphics capabilities look, and comparing them to the game without them.

As can be seen in the video, the enhanced graphics that come from ray tracing will create much more realistic lighting effects including directional shadows, realistic reflections in water and other surfaces, and more vibrance of color. It’s expected to make its way as a beta to Windows 10 devices sporting a compatible Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card as an optional setting.

Nvidia’s development in ray tracing for Minecraft comes after Microsoft pulled the plug the unreleased Super Duper Graphics pack for the game, which was expected to make its way to consoles and capable Windows 10 PCs.

What do you think about the new ray tracing graphics capabilities that are coming to Minecraft next year? Feel free to let us know in the comments area below.