New Surface Pro ads highlight it as the “ultimate laptop for students”

Arif Bacchus

The Surface Pro is one powerful device, and in a new series of YouTube ads, Microsoft is highlighting how it is also the ultimate laptop for students. There are a total of seven new ads, all of which can be found in Microsoft’s “Surface in the Classroom” playlist on YouTube.

Each of the ads features energetic music and also highlights the signature features on the Surface Pro including inking capabilities in OneNote and Powerpoint, the promise of up to 13 hours of battery life, and the personalization of Type Covers. Considering that most Microsoft ads now feature people using Surface or Windows 10 products, it’s nice to see ads which just put a focus on—and highlight—the features of a device.

The second half of the ads are tailored to specific audiences, including architects, design students, engineering students, and medical students. It’s all rather intriguing, especially since Microsoft specifically created and marketed the Surface Laptop for students last year. According to AdDuplex though, the Surface Pro holds a 10% lead over the Surface Laptop in worldwide share, which could explain this new focus on students. Most Surface Pro models are now on sale for $200 off, so it is definitely interesting to see Microsoft amp up its advertising machine to get students on board with the device.