New Surface Laptop firmware update improves battery life

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is always pushing out new firmware updates for the Surface family of devices, and the company recently released one for the Surface Laptop. This time the firmware update addresses battery life, and overall system stability.

As always, you can find this latest firmware from Windows Update now. You also can download it manually here in MSI format via the Microsoft Download Center. Keep in mind this update includes no improvements for security, connectivity, compatibility, or performance. It just bumps the Surface System Aggregator to version 135.2114.3.0 and improves battery stability.

The last firmware update for the Surface Laptop came on January 10th, then focused on addressing the Spectre security flaw in the Laptop’s Intel chip. Head to Windows Update now to get this latest update, and let us know if you’re seeing any battery life improvements after proceeding.