New rumor points to a Windows 10 Mobile version of Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Arif Bacchus

Lumia Windows Phone

With Microsoft not saying much about the future of Windows 10 Mobile, many who hold true to the platform have to instead put up with crazy rumors and speculation as to what the Redmond giant will do next with Windows Phone. Indeed, the latest rumors (thanks for tip Peter!) are now pointing to a Windows 10 Mobile version of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 device (via Windows Phone Area.)

According to a report from the Chinese website ITHome, Microsoft and Samsung are supposedly working on a Windows 10 Mobile of the latest Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S8. Though it’s best to treat this as yet another rumor, the report also shows that Microsoft will announce the handset at the May 2nd event in New York City.  Again, while this may be what Windows Phone fans want to hear, this remains highly unlikely, mainly due to the fact that the upcoming May 2nd event is set to be focused on Education, and Windows 10 Cloud.

Even so, as the above tweet and screenshot suggests, the Galaxy S8 with Windows 10 Mobile (dubbed the ATIV S8) is supposedly being tested, running Windows 10 Mobile build 1704. While we can’t verify this is real, the screenshot (some parts are blurred out) shows a new Samsung device model with a total of 6GB RAM. Again, this is rather strange, given that even the HP Elite x3 which is the latest Windows 10 Mobile handset only has 4 GB of RAM, and current S8 specs list it for Android at 4GB. And, for added doubt, the Windows 10 Creators Update is build 1703, though Xbox Insider builds run 1704.

For now, it’s best to keep this as a rumor and not take it too seriously since Samsung has not released a Windows Phone since back in 2014, which was the ATIV SE, based on the Galaxy S4. It is, however, a fact that Microsoft and Samsung are in a partnership where the retail Microsoft Store will carry the standard Android version of the Galaxy S8, and a Windows 10 Galaxy Book.

Reason for hope? Only a wild rumor? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.