New Quick Assist Microsoft Store app is annoying IT admins

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft recently moved the Quick Assist tool to the Microsoft Store on Windows, and this is upsetting a lot of IT admins. Based on several social media posts, the store version of the tool, which is used to provide remote assistance, apparently has several “bugs,” or issues, which are proving annoying (via Bleeping Computer.)

The best place where IT admins are taking out their frustrations with Microsoft is the Tech Community Post announcing the tool moving to the Microsoft Store. There, many point out the issues with the app being in the Store, such as the native keyboard shortcut to trigger it no longer working. Other issues include the fact that the app isn’t deployable to all machines and the fact that the new version of the app needs local admin privileges to be installed. There’s even the fact that the Store version of Quick Assist installs next to previous version, too, per one IT admin.

Microsoft does seem to be aware of some of these complaints as there’s a support page for these issues. The company’s employees have been in the Tech Community Thread, providing workarounds for IT admins. Using an offline version, and pinning the Store version to the taskbar are just some examples. It’s also been confirmed that Microsoft is working on an update that will fix the keyboard shortcut not working.

As a reminder, if you open the in-built Quick Assist app in Windows today, you’ll be greeted with a message that for a more secure experience, you’ll need to get the latest version of Quick Assist by May 23, 2022 There’s also an in-app link to go download the app from the Microsoft Store. So, there’s still time left to adapt to this big change, if you like it or not.