New privacy features in Windows 10 Creators Update have been positively received by users, Microsoft says

Laurent Giret

The Creators Update is still rolling out to all Windows 10 users worldwide, and the latest major Windows 10 update brings some welcome privacy improvements that all users should appreciate. As an example, there are new privacy settings to check out during the upgrade process, and Microsoft has reduced by about half the volume of data it collects at the “Basic” level.

“Feedback we’ve received about the Creators Update has been positive,” shared Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group Privacy Officer Marisa Rogers today. “This is great news to us because what we hear from you directly impacts the improvements we make,” she added.

It seems that by being more transparent about the type of diagnostic data it collects from Windows 10 devices, users are actually ok with sharing this data with Microsoft. “71 percent of customers are selecting Full diagnostics data to help us fix things and improve Microsoft products,” explained Rogers, which is quite impressive. Additionally, the web-based privacy dashboard that Microsoft launched back in January has been visited by more than 23 million users since January.

If consumer feedback helped Microsoft implement some good privacy changes in Windows 10, the company is also committed to make the OS compliant with the European Union’s Cereal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will go into effect next year. “Fundamentally, the GDPR is about protecting and respecting an individual’s privacy rights and Microsoft’s enduring commitment to trust is well aligned through the privacy principles that shape the way we build our products and services,” added Rogers.