New People View for OneDrive coming next month

Devesh Beri

According to Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft will soon introduce a new feature called ‘People view’ in OneDrive Web. This feature is about enhancing users’ experience when it comes to accessing shared files. People view isn’t a standalone product or service, instead, it’s a feature integrated into OneDrive. Microsoft aims to make it easy for users to locate shared files, especially if they receive many files from different folks regularly.

Opening a file or folder in People view is quite easy, you’ll be able to just select it, just like you would with any other item in OneDrive. Microsoft wanted to ensure a consistent user experience and familiarity when navigating shared files. 

Starting from July 2023, you can get a sneak peek of People view during the preview phase. The official rollout is set to happen in August 2023, according to the roadmap item added on June 28, 2023.

TL;DR? Here are some of the positives of using People View:

  • It makes it easy to find files shared with you by specific people.
  • It helps you stay organized by grouping shared files.
  • It’s easy to use and intuitive.
  • It’s a preview feature, so you can try it out now and provide feedback to Microsoft.