Making Windows 10 games using Unity with Microsoft Virtual Academy

Vu Anh Nguyen

Interested in making a 3D Windows 10 Universal game with Unity 5? Artist Matthew Newman and Microsoft’s Andrew Tuliper is here to guide you along, in a series of videos published this week on Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), and featured on Channel 9’s Coding for Fun blog.
The second theme week post on Microsoft’s virtual educational platform, the videos run for “6+ hours” and will take you on a tour of Unity 5’s powerful features, while arming you with the knowledge in all aspects of game building, from Prototyping, Coding to camera placement and UI Design. Of course, the focus is on building for the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP,) which is touched on throughout the videos as well as in a dedicated section.
Unity 5 is the 5th iteration of the hugely popular game engine Unity, which is heavily used by indie game developers and even some big game companies to make games for a wide variety of platforms both on PC and mobile devices. Famous examples include ‘Kerbal Space Program’, Xbox hit ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ and the upcoming Xbox exclusive ‘Cuphead.’ MVA is Microsoft’s virtual educational platform for IT Pros and developers, offering free training by experts in a wide range of topics from Windows to Database Development.