The new Microsoft Store is now on HoloLens and Surface Hub

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Store

Rudy Huyn, the Principal Architect lead of the Microsoft Store just made a big announcement. The Microsoft employee now says that the new Microsoft Store is now available on HoloLens, as well as the Surface Hub.

The availability on those platforms now means that the new Microsoft Store is now running on Microsoft’s major platforms. It launched in Windows 10 back in November of 2021, so it has been about half a year for it to hit HoloLens and Surface Hub. Of course, considering HoloLens is running a flavor of Windows 10 known as Windows Holographic, and Surface Hub, Windows 10 Team, these two platforms are much different from regular Windows PCs. That said, it should not be a surprise that it took a while for Microsoft to tweak the store to get it right. Huyn even poked fun at this, showcasing a clip of someone wearing a HoloLens, standing in front of Surface Hub 2, presumably navigating the store.

Some features of the new Microsoft Store include a massive visual overhaul, where apps are much easier to find and update, and where navigating the store is much easier. We went hands-on with the new store back in July of last year, so be sure to check it out, if you’re one of the lucky few who have a HoloLens headset of Surface Hub, and are experiencing the new store for the first time.