New Microsoft Selfie app for iOS unleashed in App Store

Michael Cottuli

A lot of people hate selfies. Microsoft, however, is apparently not comprised of that particular group of people. The company recently released the Microsoft Selfie app onto the iTunes store, offering Apple loyalists another subtle opportunity to drift over to the dark side, and revel in Microsoft software with the rest of us. The app seems to use technology not all that different from the Lumia Selfie app which Windows Phone users already enjoy, letting iPhone users edit their selfies with various tools.

Microsoft Selfie for iOS Screenshot
Take a selfie, let Microsoft Selfie do its magic, then apply a filter to get just the results you’re looking for.

The app claims to take age, gender, “skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account” in order to optimize your selfie in a way that’s tailored to who you are. After analyzing all of that information, Microsoft Selfie can finish the photo enhancement “with just a single click.” For people who enjoy taking selfies, it seems like it’s a fairly solid app to pick up if you haven’t quite gotten on the Windows Phone train just yet. Featuring things like noise reduction, automatic exposure, and color theme, this is certainly better than just pointing your camera at yourself and taking a photo.
‎Microsoft Selfie
‎Microsoft Selfie