New in Windows 10 Insider build 16237: limit Windows Update bandwidth

Michael Cottuli

Windows Insider

Microsoft has released Insider build 16237 to the wild, bringing with it a ton of small improvements, tweaks, and even several new features. We had comprehensive coverage of the build yesterday, but it seems like there’s something that even Microsoft neglected to mention – a brand new section that you can use to limit Windows Update’s bandwidth usage. The feature has been long requested by Windows 10 users who don’t want automatic updates to eat up limited bandwidth, and Microsoft has finally delivered.

Those who are running the newest build and want to limit their bandwidth can find these options fairly easily, just by navigating to Windows Update -> Advanced options -> Delivery optimization -> Advanced options. There may still be some kinks in the system left to work out, on account of this being an Insider preview build, but you should report any of those issues to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub so they can be ironed out in the next update.

Thanks to Leo for the tip.